Problems with Back/Front/3D and with the perspective.

Hi there,

i’m new to Blender3D and still spent a few days in learning
the basics, but there are so many Problems i can’t solve
by myself. Here are just 2 of them… =)

If i generate a Object from a curve (first poly, then smooth
bezier), i can allways see through the object, even if i use
the Front/Back/3D-Buttons. With a Bezier-Circle i can turn
of the Front/Back normally, so i think i need to “connect”
the Endpoints of the Curve or something like that, but i
don’t know how? I use the bezier-curve to convert a Logo
into 3D and have spent hours of work, but always get a see
through “pipe” instead of a plastic Logo.

I have problems with changing the perspective. It seems that
Blender3D places new Objects parallel to the layer thats in
front of the actual view. But if i want to rotate an object,
there is always the problem that i can either move it in space
along the 3 axis (when the 3 arrows appears) or rotate it in
a very curious way by clicking the left mousebutton and moving
the pointer in a certain way. How do i rotate an object at its
3 axis like a normal human being would expect this?

Thanks in advance and don’t get me wrong, i’m really impressed
by the possibilities of this mighty software and i hope that
my problems are resolveable due to my bumpy description.


  1. Select the two CV’s, Control Verts, at the ends of the Curve and hit C (for Connect).

  2. Use Ctrl-Spacebar to goto Manipulator (or Widget) options. When you translate by “drawing a line” with LMB it’s called Gestures; Straight line for Grab, V or < for Scale and C or O for Rotate. And of course R to Rotate in Global Space and RR to Rotate in Object or Local Space; same with S for Scale.


I too am forever creating a cube in the wrong view window, and use the N key to see the selected object’s properties alot to change the rotation to 0.

Hi there,

wow, thanks a lot for your help, i really like the “Manipulator” :smiley:
My two problems are solved.

Best regards,

RogerWickes rather then going to the object properties and setting everything to 0 you can just press alt-r to clear all the rotations of all 3 axis in one go.