Problems with baking lighting into a texture

I’d like to preface that I’m at a noob at both Blender and 3d modeling, so there is still a lot that I have to learn and my problem might be due to misunderstood/unknown basics of blender/modeling.

Here’s my problem: I’m importing an .Obj and trying to bake lighting onto the atlased texture. I import the .obj and load up the texture in the UV editor. I then unwrap just the floor and align it in the UV editor. The problem is that when I hit bake afterwards, the textures only turn black and white in the floor’s unwrapped region on the texture (the rest of becomes all black).

Here’s my settings:

(i switched my textures to almost all white as a test)

Here’s the results post-bake:

So i’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. What I WANT is to have some lighting from the hemi-light (or other) baked into the texture on top of the floor panels so I can bring it into Unity all lit. I have no idea why the image disappears once i hit bake. I’ve tried using Shadows as a bake mode, and also using ambient occlusion but the results are always pretty much the same. No textures.

I’d read that you need to make a new UV map and select it, which is why I have 2 in the 2nd image under Object Data.

What should I do? What am I missing/doing wrong?


It would be easier if you uploaded the .blend file, but looking at your screenshots I have a question:
are your materials and textures tabs empty? I’m wondering 'cause blender only includes textures in the baking that are assigned to the mesh. So that could defenitely be the problem.