Problems with Blender freezing up..

Wasn’t certain if this is the right forum for this, but it deals with modeling so…

Recently, whenever I make a new object or a duplicate of something Blender will freeze up for a few seconds, then when it resumes the object will be in ‘grab’ mode. Then I’ll have to right click to release it.

When I first begin a project, I don’t have any problems creating new objects. The error only occurs when the file size reaches about 12 MB or so and I’ve got a few models on other layers.

I’m using Blender 2.43. I’ve never encountered this problem in previous versions.

I would tell you, but your username freaks me out. Maybe you should exorcise your computer.

So, you have experienced similar problems with Blender and there is a fix? :eyebrowlift2: Should I delete my current copy of Blender and download and install it again?