Problems with Blendigo

Hey guys, I just decided to get Indigo for rendering instead of using the Blender Internal Renderer and I downloaded Blendigo Version 2.0.10 and have successfully installed Python 2.6.2 which Blender 2.49a does find on startup.

Despite all this, when I click ‘Render Scene’ in Blendigo, it comes up with a Python error: check console. It still did this even after I went and added the Environment Variable PYTHONPATH with its directories as outlined by an article on the Blender website :confused:

Here’s a screenshot of the Blender output when I get this error:

If anybody knows what’s going on or how to fix this I’ll greatly appreciate it and I hope this can help others who get this error. Thanks guys.

You could have more response from the Blender section on Indigo forum.

From my own small experience, it is difficult to render with indigo a schene originally made for Blender internal. It is better to create the scene object after object and test the export step by step.

I also see some lines in your example about particles : For what I know, Indigo can’t render particles.

Open the exported igs (it is an XML file) with XML marker and look at the object present at lines pointed by the error message, and delete these objects if you can’t solve their problem.