Problems with "Blendo"

(BH269) #1

I have downloaded the .blend file for the nice ‘Blendo’ to see how to create such lovely figures.
The display of this file is rather strange. Parts of blendo ( the right hand and foot ) are behind the background plane and the big eye is laying in front of its feets like a soccer ball.
Currently I have installed blender 2.03. Could it be, that this errors are caused by a version mismatch?
I am new to blender ( and the 3D grapics ) so any tips and hints would be very helpful.

Thanks Bernd

(theeth) #2

Blendo use Armatures, so you have to use Blender 2.2x


(BH269) #3

Hello Martin,

your hint solved my problems.
Thanx Bernd :smiley: