Problems with camera speed animation while following a path

Hi there,

I have created a path, set camera location to 0,0,0 and added a constraint (follow path) to the camera. I set the camera to “follow curve” and the animation works.

In the options of the path => path animation , I set this value to 120 frames.

I saw some tutorials that you can keyframe the offset value in the camera to have it move faster or slower in some passages and that’s what I want. But if I just keyframe the first and the last offset frame, the animation gets totally broken.

Frame 0 => Offset 0
Frame 120 => Offset -120 (for some reason, I have to go negative to make the camera move)

Suddenly, the animation stops after 60 frames and I don’t know why that is. The animation speed is the same as before, but the animation itself stops after 60 frames (half way).

I am totally confused. Anyone can help here? Just want to have some slight speed variation in the camera movement. It should be quite easy, what I can say from some tutorials, but it does not work for me. :frowning:

Hi, the offset value just goes from 0 to 1 (start of curve to end of curve). So your keyframe value at frame 120 should be 1. To change speed, head to the graph editor.

(you have to check fixed position for this to work)

You saved my life :-). Thank you very much. I was not aware that the “camera fixed position” enables the offset factor (0 to 1). If you do not check this option, naming changes to offset and is calculated in frames.