problems with camera

im what u can call a noob at blender but im trying my best to try and get better at it

heres the thing

im having problems with telling the camera to face a specific object… for example

if i make a curve and i want a camera to follow it it does, but it doesnt directly face the curve to make a fly throu animation or something

how do i go about rotating it

Add an Empty and Parent it to the path with Follow Path then Alt-O. Select the camera and in F7 give it a slight TimeOffset, so it follows the Path slightly behind the Empty. Select the Camera first and then the Empty and Ctrl-T, TrackTo Constraint and the camera will always look at the Empty.


yes i knoew that but ai want the camera to follow a preset path (like a tunnel) if i parent it to the empty how could i make the camera follow the path?

You parent the Camera AND the Empty to the path, they are both children of the path.