Problems with character customization

I’m making a game with character customization, but it’s just a model for everyone, so I used 3 Shape Keys, 2 for the belly and one for the breasts, they are two separate animations for the breast size and the belly size, and I don’t know how I can get both animations to be used at the same time without getting in the way of each other.

if this is a game engine question, then you would be playing these animations using logic bricks or python.

you would use an “add” type action but i dont know if that will work with shapekeys.

perhaps its better to just have a few pre made options to choose from. even this requires a bit of complexity.

I did not understand

the point is, scrap the customizer. by the look of the picture you need to spend the effort elsewhere.

even AAA titles dont have full featured character customizers, just bc its so hard to do. all the armor and stuff will need to be able to adapt the morphs.

one of the highest budget mmorpg, star wars the old republic, only has four preset body types. the outer worlds has a complex face customizer, but no body parameters.

so, how much effort are you willing to put forth? how beneficial will it be to your game experience? it may be best to just get a game out there.

I cannot rule out character customization.
I can’t see my game looks good without customization.
I think I’ll just do something simple, but I will not discard.