Problems with comming a stage up, where's the fail in the module?

Hi all,

since weeks where I tried to write on a script-part in which my Minotaur can walk over stages, no success.
Actually the most functions are outsourced into a module. Through this the script was clearer, but it didn’t solve the problem!

Nearly every, the hoof on the stage jumps anywhere back to an older position where it is at the same y-position as the other hoof. I don’t understand this. I can think only that I did a fail in the script, but where?

I have put all needed files into an *.zip-file, for can post them all at one time:

I did comment more than the last time, if that is not enough tell it me, too.

Best Regards, Arne.


after the post yesterday, today I noticed while seeing the video, which I probably put to the blend, that perhaps some modifications of the actions could help.
How ever, I tried out that and it worked. So far so good, now I don’t get control about lifting the left hoof, after the right leg is stretched. Anywhere the properties don’t want to order correctly. Actually I use blender 2.74.

The link to the new Files is as follows:

Best regards,