Problems with complex rig actions

I’m trying to use sintel-like rig for character actions but no actions are played in-game.
The mesh is parented correctly, has no unapplied modifiers, rig actions work fine in animation player but none are working in-game. The logic bricks are working correctly so rig action actuators should be working too, and the problem seems to be in the rig itself.

any suggestions why this rig actions aren’t working with action actuators would be greatly appreciated!
i suspect i’m missing something obvious but can’t figure out what exactly

.blend file is here:


Most IK features doesn’t work for the game engine the same way it does for animation. You should remake the whole character. Don’t forget to check project Sintel, the game, they already did it:



ChicOrtiz, thank you for the answer

yes, i had finally figured out that drivers aren’t working in bge and refactored whole armature without them