Problems with deformation/weight-painting of makehuman-models when using BVH-files

Hello together,
I’m a Blender beginner and I hope someone can help me with my problem.

I created human models with makehuman 1.1 and exported them using the mhx2 file format. When I import it to Blender, I can move the arms and shoulders everything perfectly. In the next step I want to make it move by a bvh-file that I have created with the Ipi-Software and a kinect. Therefore I use the makewalk, thats part of makehuman. The figure is in a T-Pose at the beginning, when it moves the arms down, the breast gets deformed. It seems that the shoulder or arms have a big influence to the breast. But when I move them manually I can not detect any problem .
Could it be possible that just one click somewhere is missing? I already have tried the “preserve volume” but that does not make it better.
When I load the bvh file, I always get a message that i should apply object Deformation. But I already went to object mode, pressed Strg+A and selected “visual Transformation” Hope that was right.
As you can see, I already have tried to find a solution by myself, hope there is somebody in the Forum who can help

PS: Before that, I have used the Standard mhx format, with no certain sceletton. But I got other Problems. Then I switched to mhx2 and I selected the Standard sceletton. Now the other Problems disappeared, but I have only this one new problem. The deformation

I attached two pics, one with the arms moved manually, one with arms moved by bvh and I also attached the bvh file as a zip. In case that anybody wants to try…maybe the file is the problem.

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