Problems with duplicated objects... Bug perhaps

O.k. here goes, I have a scene, create an object which I would like to have duplicated many times. I arrange these “duplicated objects” into the desired positions. Everything is o.k.:yes:

I start on something else make a stupid mistake, and press ctrl + z, mistake is gone, but all duplicated objects, whilst still there, are all re-centered to the original object. It looks like they have disappeared, but they are still there just moved back to the original position of the first object.

This is not something that I have had problems with recently, basically it is a problem which I have been dealing with since 2.45:(

Therefore should I post this into the bug tracker?

My system is a P4 2.4Ghz, with 1GB ram, and a gforce fx5200

I have updated all my drivers, just in case, not helped.

At the moment I’ve just created each object individually which was o.k. but now I am doing this for a living and the time does not allow me this luxury anymore.

Any info from someone wise on this subject would be helpful.

Does anyone else suffer from this problem?

O.k. here is an example. BTW This was a saved file. Even when saving them Duplicated objects re-centre…

The first one is a render of the objects placed where I want them to be.

the next one below is after I press ctrl+z to illustrate my purposes.

The third is to show that the objects are still present just hidden beneath the original object.

As stated above things return to the original objects position even upon save.:frowning:


You’ve duplicated an IPO along with the object. Since each object has the same IPO, when you ctrl “Z” they all return to their keyed location.

Well there you go, I am not sure how on earth that situation came about, but I reloaded it, looked at the IPO curves and what do you know, there they were.

Thanks a bundle. It was driving me insane. Should have asked earlier… :o

Embarrassed, but learned something new.

In User Preferences/Edit Methods,
make sure copy Ipo’s with object is turned off.
Thanks for the answer.
It helped me figure it out after I have had this error of use many times also.