problems with dynamic paint showing up in render


I have been working on a scene and am using dynamic paint so that when my characters lightsaber cuts through any objects it shows a image of molten metal. I have added the brush and the canvas, and when I play through the animation it shows the images appearing were the lightsaber cuts. But when I render I can’t see it. I know you have to add a vertex color group for the paint under the canvas settings, and that under the canvas material you have to select the vertex color thing at the bottom. I have done this and it is still not showing up. Any ideas?


vertex colouring probably isn’t the best idea here because to get any real detail in the cuts the canvas would need a high polycount… another way would be to use dynamic paint to create a texture and apply this onto the mesh as an image sequence. you could make the dynamic paints texture as an alpha map and use this to see the “molten metal” effect underneith the objects regular diffuse map

as for rendering, it depends which renderer you’re using. Cycles or Blender internal… they both have very different methods of manipulating textures and as such they both have very different “problems”