Problems with Dynamica and LightFlow exporter

(Green_Man) #1

every time i try to usethe winds menu it crashes the script and the vortex menu aint there :x
And lightflow exporter doesn’t work
P.S. I have both Python and LightFlow installed correctly


(theeth) #2

it’s written in the docs that the vortex menu isn’t there.

what’s the error message when the wind menu crashes?


(Green_Man) #3

it just crushes the script and blender remains o.k.

(eeshlo) #4

You really need to give more information, what error do you get? (look at the dos-console/terminal) What OS, python version? What does your PYTHONPATH look like? etc…
This is both for Dynamica and the LF script. As for the LF script, you could try another exporter like POVanim or Blenderman, you probably will have less problems.