problems with eeshlos lf export script

(bmax) #1

this is what shows up when i try to render…(all paths are set correctly, mind you)


(eeshlo) #2

Well, I guess that either you didn’t set LIGHTFLOWTEMP or something else is happening… Did you set the environment variable? The Nov2 update does check that at install time btw, but you might as well wait with downloading that, since there is another update coming up later today.

(bmax) #3

can the lighflowtemp be any directory?

(eeshlo) #4

Yes, but it is better to not use the windows temp directory as I said in the docs, it is better to create one yourself, since Lightflow doesn’t always delete it’s temporary files which can take up a lot of space. By creating a directory for it yourself, you can easily delete all files from time to time.