Problems with Export 2.58A : "Save As Game Engine Rundown"

Hi All,

I’m having problems with Exporting my Games in 2.58A : “Save As Game Engine Rundown”. The problem is not so much noticeable on the compiling side, but when I press the exe file I get various errors.

Can someone give me some general suggestions on what is likelt to be the problem?

Many thanks.

If you’re getting various errors when you actually run the run-time, then it is most likely an issue due to missing DLL files. Simply copy all DLLs from the Blender directory to the game’s run-time directory.

Another issue which ma cause that sort of problem is not having bundled python with the game. WHen you are saving the game, there should be a little checkbox that says “bundle python”. Make sure that it is pressed.

Thanks Guys. I suspect it must be the Python thing, it just does not mke sense that all the DLL’s are not included as the Blender designers must have known it needs to include the necessary ones.

Has anyone else had problems with saving the “Game Engibne Rundown” on 2.58 , try and make your game a standalone and let me know if others are having the same problem.

BTW, where is the tick box for installing P)ython?

Many thanks.

ive got the same problem… my main character are dissapearing when my overlaycene appear… i copied all the dll and nothing happens.

@blenderDude3D - The tick box is on the left hand side of the File Browser when you choose to save a runtime.
@JeffxD - Make sure that you don’t have any unapplied modifiers on your objects in your game scenes.

@SolarLune - thanks you so much… it solves my problem now… this is my final thesis project… thanks for helping me…

now my problem is when i click the villain to appear the overlay scene… my main character is dissappearing again…