problems with exporting uv layout

hello all, i am no in the process of wrapping my brain around UV’s. the problem that i am running into is that when I go to UV/ Scripts/ save UV Layout to export my UV map, i get a “python script error, check console”

what gives?


Works for me - Blender 2.48 Ubuntu 7.1. Do you have Python installed? I know it is not necessary for all scripts to run but it may be for this one.

Strange… I’m suddenly having the same problem…

Blender 2.48a, Mac OS X 10.5.5 Intel, Python 2.5 build.

“index out of range” is the error… I seem to recall having this before, but can’t find anything here about it. Any thoughts?

Aha. Found my own problem.

I had an old version of “” sitting in a referenced scripts directory, and it was being called instead of the new one. (it was version 2.3.) Is there a way to have newer script versions automatically override older ones?

Sorry for the confusion!