Problems with extrude

I’ve been trying to extrude something, but instead of being actually extruded, and the duplicate being linked by edges and faces, it just seems to create an unlinked duplicate. Any idea why this is? I must have accidentally pressed a button or something!

try, Extrude > Region. Does that help?

No, that’s what I’m doing. I have a UVsphere, and I select all vertices and then press E->Extrude Region.

Well a uvsphere doesn’t have any edges to make faces out of. If there was a hole in the uvsphere or something then it would create faces around that hole, leading from the original to the extruded copy. But if there’s no edges like that then the extrusion will just be an unlinked copy.

D’oh! Of course! Alright, here’s another question. I’ve got the CVS version of Blender, and I want to do transformations (size etc) along all axes - not just the one it does automatically. How do I do this?