problems with flickering bg

Hi. I know this was kind of brought up about a year ago, but that topic never answered the question I have.

I have my scene with planets going by and a starfield in the background. I made the starfield in Photoshop and mapped it to a sphere with the normals facing inwards. This is a screen from the animation, but only the starfield:

I have the resolution set to 1600 x 900 rendered at 50% (800 x 300). You can see there are several different layers of stars, ranging from the few bright ones, to the many dull ones. If I turn on OSA, the stars become dulled and I do not like the effect. So I am going to render the planets as an RGBA Targa sequence with OSA and map it over just the animated starfield without OSA in the sequence editor.

My problem is that the stars (mostly the bright ones) flicker when the camera moves. I have pleanty of clip start/end because I can always see something. I have to render the movie at a really high resolution in order for the flickering to be brought down (I have not yet done it high enough to completely end it). I would like to share this movie with the community when it is finished, but I do not want to have to make you guys download such a HUGE video. I would also like to make a PAL 16:9 version so I can burn it to a DVD to share with others.

My question is: what should I do? I looked on Google, but I could not find anything useful. Please help. I cannot move on until I get this worked out. Thanks.


use larger stars [and turn on osa]

or render larger and scale down

Ok. I will try resizing it.


You might be able to motion-blur the stars. Or, you might simply be able to get away with a regular Blur filter in the Sequence Editor stack, affecting only the stars. (That would be much cheaper and easier to try than the motion-blur.)

Also try doubling the star-layer with itself, via AlphaOver, offsetting the second copy by a frame or so and perhaps blurring the second copy more. (Poor man’s motion-blur…)

I will try using the sequence editor to do the blur next. Resizing it did not work. :frowning: