Problems with Fluid Sim

Im facing a problem with a fluid sim.As you can see in the image, my main water body is blobly.No matter how much resolution I use it stays the same after about 200.Only the polygon count increases.Is there a work around this problem.To get small details with the fluid body. ( Mpan3 suggested to use Linux X64…Im not very familiar with linux… :frowning: )


tell us the settings of the simulation. But, remember that if you are simulating water, it will brake in lots of droplets when moving at high velocity.

This is my latest simulation. As you can see, at full splash, the water breaks into lots of droplets.

But if you want a liquid more stable, change viscosity from Water to Oil or wet mud or something like that in the domain settings. Maybe that could help you.

surface subdiv will add details, and slow the calculation a lot …
In the bnd panel !

Using linux is very better for fluidsims(it can usually swap without crash), with near no limit on the 64release .

My problem is not that it breaks in to droplets. But that the droplets are too bit. By global scale is at 10. resolution at 375. surface subdiv at 2. Particles at 2. Viscosity at Water.
No matter how much I increase the resolution or the Subdiv it doesnt scale the droplet only makes them smoother. Since this simulation is for a very large body of water, the droplets needs to be very small.
( By droplets I dont mean the particles that you can see on the image. Im talking about the big chunks breaking from the main water body.

This frame shows what Im talking about better than the previous frame.


surface subdiv gives smaller and more drops, did you display “final” or “preview” ?

preview dont show you the subdiv I guess …

Hmmm…let me try that…