Problems with fps

Hi I have made a little orgonogram for this company (for free)

and now I have some problems with the fps
and if anyone can tell me whats wrong I will give you a free e-mail ([email protected])

here is the files .blend (10mb)

the url is broken

There’s just too many logic bricks. When i removed them, it ran at a smooth 60 fps. I dont think the BGE can handle that many mouse logic bricks at once.

btw, heres a working link to the file:

Is there any workaround for this becuase they would really like to have that effect

Thanks for the help
there`s around 200 objects that uses the mouse logic

and I red somewhere (cant remember where) that the method I used isnt that “good” (performance wise) should I use the other method and try that one
(the other one

Oh yeah and another thing how can I just make the cone one object (quickly)