Problems with GameBlender

(ecspike) #1

I have a couple problems.

When I try to write a script and try to import GameLogic, it doesn’t work.

:x Also when I have two objects that are set to move on different keystokes, they move at the same time.

(OTO) #2

Please be more precise or post a .b file with the problem.

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(ecspike) #3

So this is what it says when I try the import GameLogic command

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Text”, line 1, in ?
ImportError: No module named GameLogic

And when I make two objects and assign keys for them to move, one keypress moves both objects in either left or right.

(gryphon) #4

Also, did you map the same button to both objects? If you did that, there’s no way for the game logic to determine which object you want to move if they both activate at the same key.

(ecspike) #5

Nope. I wish it were that easy. Different keys. I tried it two ways once with the mesh duplicated and again with the mesh instatiated to no avail.

(eeshlo) #6

For the GameLogic problem, that module is only available when the Game engine is active, you can’t access it like a normal python script by using alt-p, then you would get the error you described.

For the second, you didn’t create two meshes in edit mode by any chance?

(ecspike) #7

Everything works perfect now. Thanks

(OTO) #8

Easy han!! :slight_smile: