Problems with generic MesaGL for AMD and 2D UI Graphics in 2.77a

I’m running Blender 2.77a under Linux Mint. Basically the two problems I’m noticing are:

  1. Rendered transparancy fails to display properly. Areas that should be the checkerboard pattern for alpha are solid UI background color. Saved output of these renders do show this transparency in Gimp or Krita. So it’s not the setup or output of the render itself.

  2. Drag and drop of elements in the outliner doesn’t show up. Sorta works, but gives no visual indication that it does.

Didn’t have this problem with 2.76b. However I had to transition to Linux to use 2.77a. So whatever catalyst drivers I had for my chipset under XP aren’t available under Linux Mint Cinnamon. Thus using the open source MesaGL drivers. Yet for what seems to be 2D elements that work in other software (again Gimp/Krita and even Scribus), it’s not working correctly in Blender. However what feedback I got on the bug seems to indicate little or no interest in fixing it. (Seems like I got a more polite version of this.) :spin:

It only seems to be bugs with UI or how they’re being called to the graphics drivers, but it’s annoying enough to be disruptive to workflow. (Leaves some uncertainty if the software is doing its thing.) Running software-GL mode seems to work ok in 2.76b under Linux, but still doesn’t correct things in 2.77a

I’m curious if anyone else is running into the same kind of problem?