Problems with git !!!

Guys, i update my git clone with this commands :
git pull --rebase
git submodule foreach git pull --rebase origin master
git checkout fracture_modifier

Until this it’s alright, but when i go to find the files from fracture_modifier, i can’t find,
but when i build, it’s work, in the build has the fracture_modifier.
So my question is, if on source code there is not the files from fracture_modifier,
how was build with fracture_modifier ?

fracture_modifier is just the branch name, the folder with all required files inside may have a different name

Hi, you find all relevant files in patch tracker >
Scorpion81 mention about problems with QTcreator, may this help >

Cheers, mib

The thing is, with other branches, works fine, like mantaflow, i get mantaflow branch from git, and i can see the new files with mantaflow. I tested with other branches and all works fine, just fracture didn’t

@mib2berlin, I follow all the steps from this link before, and still didn’t work with fracture, but i will keep trying, thanks