Problems with hair and density by texture


I’m trying to make an eyebrows hair system using a texture to define the density and control the shape of the eyebrows. It doesn’t work for me so I tried to learn from Gooseberry, but it keeps not working.

This is what I did:

  • I add a plane and make a UV map for it
  • I add a particle system, change type to Hair
  • In Texture I add a new texture and press the button for going to the texture tab
  • I open the file victor_eyebrows_density.jpg
  • Under Mapping, select UV and the UV map I’ve created
  • Under Influence I disable Time and enable Density

I can see hair every time but when I enable Density, the hair is lost. Am I missing something???

I’ve uploaded a simple blend file with the texture packed in this link

Thanks in advance!

Your problem is that using a black and white texture to control hair emission does not work like using a vertex group, and in fact you will need to use both in order to make it work. What happens is the 1000 hairs are emitted (invisibly) everywhere on the single face you have. The black and white make then hides (masks) the hairs that are black. It does not "emit from white) it "hides from black. So the quick solution is to make sure your mesh is subdivided or has loop cuts around the area you with to use, and then first use a vertex group to emit only from that larger area, and then use the mask to further refine that area.

Thank you very much Photox, you save my day!!!