Problems with Hanging Objects

Whenever I try to hang something, or have something being held by another object, it consistantly looks stiff, or the object is transcending the rope or other problems.

Is there a better way of doing this? I haven’t used the physics stuff yet.

I’m thinking ‘Soft Body’, do a search for that.

LMAO Haz, as if you don’t know. I’ll check that out. Catch you on AIM.

I had an idea about this.

I added a cylinder(with a few subdivisions) and a two vertex curve laying on the Y-axis of the world and added a the curve as a curve modifier to the cylinder.

By moving one of the handles of one of the curve’s verts I get the cylinder to wiggle around.

To that handle I added a hook/empty.

Then I took a plane and weight painted 3 verts to 1 and 1 vert to 0, enabled softbody, set gravity up around 9, set ‘use goal’ to ‘group’(default name of vertex group), reduced damping and stiffness for goal and edges to nearly zero, then vertex parented the one vert of the plane with weight 0 to the hook/empty so the hook would follow the vertex of the plane.

Then I added some wind and the one vertex of the plane flutters around, moving the hook, the hook moves the handle of the curve vertex which in turn gives some jiggle movement to the cylinder.

This simple setup prevents you having to give yourself a headache trying to animate shape keys, or the vertex handle movement of the curev, or anything really, just set it up and run your animation and it takes care of itself without trying to softbody your mesh with the accompanying computation time.

I have not tried it but I am guessing you could add a second hook, this one to the curves vertex itself and create the same setup that moves the handle, that way the end of the curve also has some movement.