Problems with image texture in cycles

I am trying to put an image texture on a quad set of beams for a picture I’m making in blender. I have come to understand using nodes in cycles at an amateur level, and I can’t seem to make the image texture node actually show on the mesh. It just turns black. I’ve tried to find examples of image texture nodes, but with no luck, I am stranded. If anyone can help me with this or offer a working image texture node that would be great. Thanks a lot everyone.

Attach or post an linkto your blend file with any textures so we can see where you are going wrong.

Also supply blender version and system spec and whether cpu or gpu rendering

There is a panel you can bring up with N-key - find, while being in edit mode, cube icon saying ‘Normals’ above it. Click and see if all short blue lines are pointing outwards from your mesh (you can make them longer or shorter with slider next; hide some faces to see inside mesh if they are not crossing it). If not, select all (A key) and on Toolshelf (hit T if hidden) find Normals: Recalculate or Flip button.
Provided that you have lights, camera and have not done other weird things on file, it’s helping on 97.8% of similar cases.

93.4% of statistics are made up on the spot. :stuck_out_tongue: