Problems with images as planes

I am trying to use the images as planes app. I have viewed about 10 tutorials on the subject, but I still can’t get it to work. I have checked the the box in the user options dialogue to activate the app. Then when I attempt to import a picture, the appropriate dialogue comes up. I find where I have stored it, highlight it, and click the import button. I have tried changing settings in various ways, attempting to mimic the instructions in the tutorials. When I get back into the 3D mode, I see a dot and the “move x-y” axis, indicating that there is something there and that it is selected, and the term plane comes up in the list of objects on the right, but all I see is a dot. No plane, no picture. I’m running the blender 2.66a program, but I just installed that and was using 2.66 prior to that, and it didn’t work there either. Is there some kind of bug in one of the programs, or am I doing something wrong?:smiley:

It probably comes in very very small. Zoom right in and you should see the plane.
When you import look in the toolshelf at the import settings. Try changing the ‘Plane Dimensions’ settings.