Problems with indirect lighting and shadows

Hey guys!
I’m new to this community and new to blender. I’m trying to render an model that’s lit only by indirect lighting (objects that have a light-emitting texture). Now I’m trying to get some soft shadows underneath my model but it doesn’t seem to work…
Since I’ve read that indirect lighting with the “approximate gather” won’t support any shadows yet, I tried to use an area-lamp with the “only shadow”-option enabled. But still - I don’t see any shadows at all :frowning:
Can somebody please help me out with that and show me how to get shadows in combination with indirect lighting?
Many thanks in advance and sorry for bad english :wink:
Regards from Germany,

can nobody help?? :frowning:

Illumination cast by emitting surfaces aren’t able to cast shadows. Standard lights can cast shadows of course, as will ambient occlusion. You could use these elements in the compositor to darken different areas, etc…

EDIT: Here’s an example, without using AO in the compositor:

Here it is with AO being used:

Here’s the blend: AO_with_IndirectLight.blend (600 KB)

Thank you for your help, benu!
Seems like I have to learn how the compositor works (never heard of that before!), I’ll try to find some helpful tutorials… :stuck_out_tongue: