Problems with layers

This is my first post and one of my countless problems… i’m following a tutorial and it got to a part that i have to move objects within different layers… because of lights, hemi, spot… to set up a scene…

But in the video when he does a test Render… all the objects appear ( They are in different layers)… but when i do it, the very same thing… only the layer i’m viewing shows in the render… any advice?!?:o:o… i need all the objects to appear… even if they are in different layers!

Shift+LMB to select multiple layers.

Only selected layers will render.

OHH My… i’ve done every hard thing to be done… and a simple thing got me down kkkkkk… Thank you!!!

Oh my… is that simple??? kkkkkkkk the small things always cause us trouble!! it happens in the best families