problems with Lightflow+radiosity

lightflow’s great but:
The problem may be from LF export(I have the newest version)
When i activate radiosity and push render it starts rendering with 4x3 pixel
then 8 by 7 pixel and so on until i gets to the resolution i chose.
So the problem is :
It takes forever I’d say from 5 to 10 times longer
Is it normal
P.S. Lightflow python blender the exporter all installed corectly this only happens with radiosity

Life is better
With Blender
(and lightflow)

I believe this is normal.

Yes, this is normal, it is a side effect of the algorithm used in Lightflow (‘irradiance gradients’). POVray uses a similar algorithm and also does a few prerenders before starting the final image calculation, although you have some control over it. Not in Lightflow though.

well you gotta expect a longer render time with radiosity on, no matter what algorithm is used.

Tanx’s i tought it was something wrong scene or lf xport.I’ll just use povray with radiosity

tanx again

Life is better
With Blender
(and LightFlow
without radiosity)

It will render much faster if you render in Linux also.

Maybe you misunderstand, but the low resolution prerenders are NECESSARY for the algortihm to work optimally, it is what makes radiosity calculation (which is an approximation) more accurate and faster, not slower. And like I said, in POVray the same thing happens, although you can control the level of subdivsion. renderBitch does this too as well, as most other renderers that use the same algorithm.