Problems with Loop cuts on multiple extrusions

Maybe Im doing summin wrong, but Just wondering why you Can’t use Loop cuts on more than one extrusion at once.

For example, extrude the two uprights for the back seat of this chair, then select the 8 vertical edges of the extrusions of both uprights, then ctrl R, only one extrusion accepts the loop cut and not the other. any ideas? cheers

Edit- added more information

Adding loop cuts with ctrl-R works for a single mesh element.
Since this is appears to be a symmetrical object you might want to use a mirror modifier and work only on one half of it. Otherwise with the same selection you can right-click and choose “subdivide” , and then set the desired number of cuts.
There are other ways to achieve such cuts on multiple elements, most notably the bisect tool and the knife tool.

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Great, thank you very much!