Problems with massive keyframe count

I wasn’t quite sure where to post this thread but I figured “tech support” fit best.

I made a massive physics simulation in the game engine and recorded the animation to keyframes. (Although I would have liked to use the built in rigid body physics, I had to use the game engine because of the nature of the simulation) Anyways, the simulation lasted 2000 frames and has 2000 cubes. The blend file is now about 1.7 Gb and it devours about 5 Gb of my RAM whenever it’s open. Not to mention it’s slow to perform any action, including saving.

Is there a simple way to decrease the immediate load when I have this file open? Maybe cache all the animation data to an external file (haven’t found evidence that this is possible)? Or would the best course of action just be to split up the file into smaller more manageable sections (One file for frame 1-499, another for frame 500-999 etc).

Thanks in advance!