Problems with menu displays in 242 on XP

I’ve just switched to a computer which uses Windows XP, and I’m having some problems with Blender’s menu displays. The color seems to be cached somehow, so lines of text often end up miscolored. Generally, it’s just annoying, but it actually causes entries to display with teh same color as the background, causing the menus to become unreadable in certain situations.

Has anyone seen this happen before? Is there anything I can do to fix it? It isn’t making Blender unuseable, but it is making it a bit of a hassle…

probably video driver problem. What video card do you have? get the latest driver from intel/ati or nvidia, as your case might be.

If you don’t mind the speed a bit, you can also turn down hardware acceleration but a notch or two in the XP display options, this fixes majority of the bugs.