Problems with meshdeform modifier

I have been experimenting with the meshdeform modifier. I bind the cage to the mesh, and Blender takes a few moments to carry out this operation. After this is done, the modifier has no action on the mesh. Has anyone encountered this problem? How did you solve this? I have also downloaded this file from the Blender wiki website:

It works. However, if I unbind the modifier and bind it again, it stops working. Help please!!

It is essential to modify the cage after the binding otherwise you would not see anything happen.
The Cage is used as a proxy to modify the object.
Edit your Cage after binding and you will see the modifying of the basemesh.

Sometimes it is for example easier to use an armature on such a cage than on the original model.

Thanks Patel. That is just the problem however. Modifying the bound cage does not cause the target mesh to deform. :frowning:

I tested the wikifile and it does exactly what I would expect.

  1. Unbinding - the Mesh falls back to its original shape.
  2. Binding again - the mesh stays in its original shape, because since binding no editing at the cage was performed.
  3. Editing the cage deforms the targetmesh.

If this is different in your file, could you post it, because I can’t recreate your problem.


I have the exact same problem here, tried it on Ubuntu and Xp. Has anyone found the solution?