Problems with model editing

I’m having the following issues with Blender:

  • Object mode gets randomly activated and refuses to go back to edit mode
  • Different display modes randomly decide not to work (X-ray, wireframe, etc.)
  • Edge and face select doesn’t work at all

These issues happen frequently and show up so randomly that it’s almost impossible to say what causes them (at least for me it is). Having issues like this really kills the interest of getting to 3D modelling. :c

it might be a technical issue, or it may be because you are messing with the settings.

first, try File > Load factory settings
i doubt it will work but it takes 2 clicks, so worth a try…

if that does not solve the problem, uninstall blander, and delete every trace form blender that you can find, so you get as clean reinstallation as possible.

if you still have this issue, come back to the forums and see if you got more details.
also this thread should be posted under “technical support”, ill report it, so don’t worry, a mod will move it soon.

Things to try:

  • File -> load factory settings
  • Different window draw methods in user preferences -> system
  • Switching selection method from auto to either of the available ones from the same place
  • Running Blender without hardware acceleration in softwaregl mode to see if the problem persist. How to do that depends on the operating system you’re using. It will be too slow to do any real work but might help determine if it’s a graphics driver/driver setting issue. Graphics drivers set to override anti-aliasing has caused problems before.

As @finalbarrage said, maybe reinstall will help. If you decide to do so, don’t forget to delete the “Blender foundation” folder in Roaming. You can access that by pressing and typing %appdata%, then click search.

how did u get that windows icon? xD

it’s an img: