Problems with modifiers on different instances of same curve


Has any of you come across this problem before:

  1. Make a curve.
  2. Edit the curve to some more-or-less interesting shape.
  3. Make another curve object.
  4. Change the Object data of the second curve object to contain the same curve as your first curve.
  5. Do either:
    a) Add an armature, use this in an armature modifier on your first curve object and change the pose of the armature to deform the first curve.
    b) Add a third curve object, us this in a curve modifier on your first curve object and change the shape of the third curve to deform the first curve.

Either way - the second curve gets deformed too!

Adding an armature/curve to the second curve object also seems to make the things weird.

This is all opposite to what happens if you do the same with a mesh and mesh objects, where things are behaving just fine.

Should I report this as a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

I have attached a file with examples of what I am describing. The file is from 2.52, but I see the same behavior in 2.49b.



100714_curves_w_curve_mods.blend (66.4 KB)