Problems with moved objects (two origins?)

I dont know what have I done but something is just not right with my model, Its a car that I am making with the help of an DVD and the problem is that some objects (also grouped together) changed their position and another dot appeared (just as origin but in grey color) so whenever I try to move those objects, software wont allow me do it… I just want to somehow put those objects back in place (if its possible, by only disabling that grey dot)… I also attached the blend file, any help yould be really appreciated, have a nice day!

moj camaro1.blend (1.55 MB)

The object centers in gray are the centers of objects which are not selected. I was able to click on the grey object centers and select the associated objects without much problem. When I clicked on a grey center, it turned orange, and the all the other objects turned gray. I was able to move any selected object without any problem.

I would, if I may be so bold, advise you to name objects as you add them. Naming an object as “windshield” will make it much easier to find than trying to remember what number the windshield is.

Just in poking around, I found one object, plane.020, which does not have any visible associated vertices, though it has a couple of modifiers attached.


OK, thank you, I think I understand that, but I still dont know how to make it work again as when it was in “default” settings, is it there any of the functions that is turned on? because when I try to move that part of the exhaust system it still moves back on the other position after i relase it, other parts (spoiler) look ok, but when I render it, things just jump back in the wrong place…

I also moved some objects back on their original place, but when I try to render the image its all messed up again… Have no idea what that could be…

I’ll need a little more information in order to be able to help you. For example, what object (or, if you prerer, objects) snap back when you try to move them? What mode are you trying to move them in ?


All objects marked with green - I saw that it means that they are in the same group but somehow I cant find a way to un-group them - I have tried in the object menu… Its the rear spoiler, those two objects which are away from the car (part of the exhaust system) and all objects at the front end of the car… I’m tryin to move them in object mode, It allows me but then when rendering everything jumps back… I would like not to have them in a separate group and all with the same origin, as it is in default… Hope you can help, sorry for my not so good english… Have a nice day!

You have rigid body dynamics turned on for several of your objects, which adds them to the group “Rigid Body World” and may be causing them to bounce around. Turn it off in the Physics panels.

yeah, that was the problem, thank you sooooooo much! I know it must be something so simple and stupid, but I still have so much to learn… Have a nice day!