Problems with MP4-output

I have a bunch of rendered JPEG-sequences, and I want it to render out an MP4 video.

For 200 frames, using default settings, it gives me a really crappy video result. No matter how high I set the Bitrate (I even altered it to 14000 in my case), it still gives me the same crappy result. Changing the bitrate does not change the video result. That is wierd!

I can render out an AVI JPG, but that gives me an extremely large file for 10 sec. (more than 1 GB!!!)

What can I do to render out a decent MP4-format for my final animation (HD, 1920*1080 with as good quality for as low amount of disk space as possible)?

I think it is not possible to output decent mp4 from blender. At least nobody ever answered when someone asked for the settings here. I use adobe media converter which is part of the creative suite to convert uncompressed videos from blender, but it is not free of course.

So what do you recommend for me, when I am using Blender to make movies?
I am stitching together multiple image sequences and adding text to it and so on.

So I want to create a 1080p video with high quality (no pixelation), that is ~2 minutes long and does not take up 1 GB for 2 minutes!!!

Have you tried dnxhd under the mpeg codecs?

It gives me this error:

bpy.context.scene.format = ‘AVI’
Frame size: 1920x1080p; bitrate: 90Mbps; pixel format: yuv422p; framerate: 60000/1001

It won’t render.

Guessing that the frame rate is ntsc drop frame? What is your scene frame rate?

My scene frame rate is 24 fps.

From my test, the only good and lossless format in blender is h264 both for format and codec, but the video is readable only by vlc media player. Also, when you make a video from stills, you should try to increase gop size value (30 or more).

Increasing GOP from 18 to 30 had no effect on the quality.
The video is desaturated and unclear, in comparison to my stills.