problems with new blender version on os x 10.3.x


for some reason blender can do this:
freeze os x completly sometimes

also for some reason the key shortcuts like tap for enter/leave edit mode
or crtl s to save a file does not work any more. i need to quite blender and than it works again for some time until i have this problem again!

any other os x user have the same problem? i had this also with pre releases.
i thought in the final version they will smooth this out. maybe its only on my mac here!


Now that you mention it, I’ve noticed similar things on my PowerBook (10.3.6). Sometimes I can’t get any shortcut to work. Generally, I can get them to work again by going to a different app and then back to blender, but that never happened with 2.3.4. I thought at first that it had something to do with FireFox running at the same time as blender. I’ll have to pay closer attention to it.

I’m having exactly the same issue. I’ve posted it in the KB.

Using 2.35 and 2.32 on OS 10.3.6. I am trying to add backgrounds to views to aid in modeling. After zooming, panning a few times the entire system locks up. The screen is grayed and has artifacts in a diagonal pattern. I can only recover by rebooting. Any solutions to this?

I just started learning Blender and would like to continue using it, but my Mac is my primary machine.

Hi Guy’s

With my vanilla install of OSX 10.3.6 on my PowerBook G4 I am not having any issues at all. The only extra thing I have installed apart from Blender is Office 2004.

Do you have anything running in the background that may be capturing the keystokes?


I don’t know, what could be capturing keystrokes? I was running Mail, iChat, and iTunes at the time.

I’m on OS 10.3.6 and I’m not having these problems. Although I must confess I haven’t had enough time to really play with 2.35…

It’s not blender… it’s macosx 10.3.6

We just upgraded at work and it stuffed EVERYTHING up. We had to roll back and reinstall all out editing software, drivers, capture settings… Blender still works fine, thank god, but Final Cut Pro is up the shitter with a turd for a paddle.

I also have some of these problems; shortcuts don’t work sometimes after switching applications, but is ok after another switch. Also I cannot scroll the new outliner view. A small issue is that border select leaves behind some faint lines, but they disappear at the next screen refresh. Blender 2.3.5 and OS 10.3.6.


Yep, 10.3.6 screwed me too. OS X would just freeze before it even got to the login window, I had to reinstall.