Problems with new bullet engine

Just installed new 2.40 and have been trying out the bullet engine. Several things are messed up:

  1. all dynamic objects seem to be stuck in rigid body mode and roll around

2)Force actuator doesnt work

3)object parenting is screwed up - move the parent object, and when you start the game, the child object is seen with the tranformation applied twice (so if you move the parent left 2 units, the child object will be moved left 2 units plus another 2) To fix this, after I move the parent object, I have to remove the parent from the child object, keeping the tranformation, then re-parent the child to the parent.

And some dynamic objects behave eratically. Anyone else get these problems with 2.40?

anyone? :frowning:

i have everything except the parenting problems

In the official 2.4 release the force actuator does not work in bullet physics. I think it might have been fixed by now in a CVS but I might be wrong.

Well, I had some extra time on my hands. So I was testing a bit with bullet physics. Here’s the bugs I found and I put it up on erwin’s site for bullet physics. There was a couple prior to these, but they were fixed so I took it’s taken off the bug list.

Note: It applies to his newest bug fix release. So it applies to a fix that is newer than the official 2.40 version. You can find that new bug fix release here.

Jason Lin