Problems with new interface

Hi, I’m not new to Blender; been blendering for 20 years; but the new interface kills me. Been using I think it’s 2.79; the last XP compatible version, for a long time. I’m trying again to learn the new interface and having a lot of trouble, far more than just the switching of the mouse-buttons. Here’s today’s problems:

  1. I can’t figure out how to remove doubles anymore
  2. I can’t seem to select-loop anymore… Alt-ahem…Left-click doesn’t seem to work; it seems I have to manually de-select with Alt-A and then Shift-Alt-Click for it to work. Is there no better way?
  3. Every time I try to select something and I accidentally right-click, the cursor is moved, which is a terrible waste of time; sometimes it takes work to get the cursor exactly where I want it, and with one click all that work is gone, and there’s no undo for cursor moves; is there?

Hi Chuck,
1 - Remove Doubles has been replaced with Merge by Distance - check article below for quick look.

2 - Alt [left] click works for me with 2.9 - check your Preferences > Keymap to see what yours is set to.
3 - Placing the cursor should be Shift-Right-Click - You can change the behavior in Preferences > Keymap > 3dView - Set 3D Cursor – check yours - if only set to Right Click you can change to Shift-Right-Click to avoid the unwanted moving.
Hope that helps a bit!

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If you’re switching from older Blender, my advice would be to use the new keymap instead of trying to stick with the 2.7x compatibility one. Less painful that way.

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When I right-click, I get an extensive menu. I suspect you haven’t moved fully into the 2.8+ UI.

Thank you all, gentlement; I’m going to look into what UI I have, though I don’t remember changing anything since I installed.
Ehm… I can’t find where to set the UI to 2.8+ …

Keep having interface problems galore. I was asked to write a tutorial on baking AO’s, but for 2.9; so I tried… I got to the point where I have a texture loaded onto the UV layout of a model. I went to the rendering panel and the only AO baking related stuff I found is for evee; none for the other engines, unless I missed it. I did not found the old Normalized button that used to be part of the AO baking interface. Instead there’s a cryptic Precision setting for allegedly some “horizon search”. I found the Output panel and set it for PNG, RGB, 8 bits, no compression. So far so good; but then I look for a Bake button, or similar menu item, and I can’t find anything of the sort. F-12 does something weird, however; it opens up a 3D window and gives me something semi-AO-looking but too dark to be true.
What am I missing? There’s also a button for “Distance”, that says something along the lines of “distance of an occluder” yada yada; it does not say if it is minimum distance or maximum distance.

A related question:
Many years ago I used to use Xnormal for AO bakings, which gave me the option of baking AO’s not where all unoccluded rays are counted equally, but where they are multiplied by dot(ray,normal) prior to accumulation. Effectively, that type of AO more accurately resembles real life AO, as it is a post-(diffuse)-reflectance AO, which looks far more natural. Xnormal is still around, but it is only for windows. Any way to get that kind of AO in Blender? Maybe with Cycles?

UPDATE: I found a tutorial on how to bake an AO in 2.9. As is the case with all Blender tutorials, though, it goes too fast… Impossible to follow. It uses cycles, that much is clear.