Problems with opening some pages on the net.

I can’t open and for some reasons.

Anyone else with that problem? opens fine for me, but graphicall doesn’t.

Both work fine for me, Firefox 0.8

Both work fine for me; firefox 1.0.6 WHat browser are you using?

Firefox 1.5 and explorer 6.0…

It could be something wrong with my internet provider…

Still strange that those 2 pages doesnt work.

EDIT: Now works but not

Works for Firefox 1.5 here.

When I first read this post yesterday, both sites where having problems. I tried to ping both with no reply. They both work fine now.

Firefox 1.5 under Linux.

opens fine here, maybe they block your isp?

both ok here firefox 1.0.2

GraphicAll server is not as stable as I would like, we will move to a new server probably next week.