Problems with physics in 2.41

I don’t know what I did, but all of the sudden my physics stopped. Did I press a button somewhere? I am set to sumo physics with gravity at 7. Just dont know. My character wont fall, move, or anything. Freelook still works and I get no error messages. Hmmm… :-?


Do you have the “Dynamic” button selected?
This can be found in the Logic Panel of the Buttons window.[/img]

Yes dynamic is selected. I’ll put up a .blend. No textures. It should walk with the W and S keys but not without touching the floor. And without physics, its not touching the floor. I am missing something real simple arent I?

Oops…Heres the blend…

in the world buttons physics engine is set to “sumo”… don’t you want it set to “bullet”?

When I set to bullet it just bounces and rolls around.

It works with 2.37a.

And that is part of my problem. It seems like everyone else is having no trouble at all and I have been stuck with 2.37 this whole time because it seems to be the only one that works all around. It just doesnt have all the features.