problems with physics

I am a new user at blender and I am having trouble with a simple maze game I have created. if you bump into a wall you bounce back and it sometimes throws you over walls. I am using dloc for movement but I don’t want to use force because it throws you all over the place. if anyone knows how to stop it from bouncing It would be great if you need the file just ask.

Maybe if you posted a .blend for us all to check out, that’d help

try an always>AND>constraint… set it to constratin Z…

this will stop all bounceing… but player wont be able to jump

Don’t use dLoc! It causes many problems.

ya use linV

dont click add!!! and remember the L

here is the blend
thanks for the tips but i am still not sure what to do. the lin-v works but turning is d-rot and it still seems to cause some problems. let me know what you think of the maze. it is done except the bouncing and sometimes you can push through the invisible walls which are made of a plane that you can only see from one side and i wan to make it so the cube flaots away when you finish but i am not sure how.

…forgot to pack the textures

movements better now… and the cube only moves when it’s on the ground

not sure what you mean about textures or how to do it. could someone tell me how to pack them? thanks for all the help though.