Problems with polies

a while back i created this vehicle out of a drawing of mine:

you see, i would like to turn that into something sexy and smooth but i have no idea exactly how to start or what to do. should i just start over , or is there a way to make it look good working with what i got? im not going to just subsurf it because it needs its flat parts too like around the cockpit area.

any help would be appreciated

No, I think Subsurf would work fine. Turn it on, probably to level 3 for a mesh like this. Use the knife tool (Ctrl+R, or K for the menu) and make cuts close to edges that you want to be more sharp.

For example, if you have a cube and turn on Subsurf, it looks kind of like a sphere. Then use the knife tool to make a cut close (maybe 97%) to the edge. You can see the effect.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Neat model, btw.