Problems with regifying

Hello. I’ve created a model for the game. So, now I’m trying to animate it. For this purpose the armature was added. But after the generating I’ve got a very strange result - even with bones put in fingers. The whole model after the generating looks like so:

And of course nothing is working: fingers cannot be bent etc. Ctrl + p was pressed.

Could you, please, tell me, where could be a problem?

Thank you for your answers beforehand.

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Can you explain what you mean by this? I didn’t see the ‘before’ so I don’t know the difference between that and the ‘after.’

What did you select from the Ctrl-p menu?

Also, did you watch any of the tutorials for Rigify? A quick search on YouTube will give you a list. There may be others you can find using Google and I think there’s one on BlenderCookie, too.

It looks to me like you’ve got hold of the mega-rig instead of the generated rig. The tutorials will help you understand which is which.