Problems with rendering video from the Video Editor

recently I tried starting to edit video in Blender and it drives me absolutely nuts. So I watched all the good video tutorials on Youtube and followed all instructions given there. So I got my 5 minutes music video edited. When scrubbing through it in the timeline, everything looks nice and in place, but when I started rendering I noticed, that frames are frozen often right in a video clip. This means, the same frame gets rendered for several times, it jumps back a few frames and starts rendering a particular section of frames again etc. So I selected all video clips and rebuilt the proxies. With no success: Still frames in the rendered result are “frozen”, it jumps, skipps back etc.

Has anyone an idea why this is? Thanks in advance!

Now also complete parts of video strips are rendered as pure black frames. When scrubbing over the clip everything looks fine, but when rendering, it is pitch black.

Ok, update: I think I really give up on this. Watching the rendered video entirely, I found out that even some clips I had cutted to a specific sequence show as a totally different sequence I had already cutted out. So basically I can throw a hourlong work into the garbage. The Video Editor seems to be too buggy to do serious stuff with it.

Difficult to tell given we have no idea of the details of your clips, VSE setup, render settings etc

Clips are .MTS clips from my camcorder and which specific VSE settings would you like to know about, same goes for render settings.