problems with rendering

hello i’am new here and first i want to say that my english isn’t very well because i’am a german blender-user.

so my problem: i tried to build my first fluid-building from this tutorial. I think i’ve mad everything right but the rendering was very slow. i have the resolution pulled back to 50(like in the start). but it’s slow, very slow.

Now i want to ask: can anyone help me?
here is my project download.

it would be very nice if anyone could help me

with best regards

That’s just the way it is.

ist it normal that renderings from objects like these are so slow?
have you seen my project?
are the settings correct?

with best regards

it’s just because of your depth settings in the glass and water materials…they need a lot of render time…simple as that

ok, what do you think how long blender will render my animation(50 frames)?

That depends completely on your computer.

1gb ram 1.8 ghz ppc g5
macintosh osx 10.4.7
what do you think?
how long are renderings of objects like these at you?

sorry…but why are you still asking? just try it.
the more complicated the scene is or the better the quality settings are, the longer it takes to render.

it will take some time for sure…maybe up to 2-3 hours, i guess.
but if it’s just a test animation to try out the fluids then why spend so much render time on the quality? wouldn’t it be sufficient with low quality?

i’am rendering since 2 houres and blender is at the 7th frame from 50
allthough my computer isn’t “so” slow.

If this is just a model test then turn off raytracing. Or render at 25% size, 50% quality, with the ‘Env ma’ button off.

Rendering takes a long time. Plain and simple. It isn’t real-time, but it seems to me you’re having longer than usual rendering. Just use raytransparency and don’t use reflection (raymirror).

do you mean i should ray-mirror in object-mode switch off?

i tried it but it is always slow:(

i tried to set the render-settings a little bit down.
i set:
and 75%

and now it is ok
but thanks for your help

do you have an idea what i can model now.
i am a beginner. what do you think. what could usefull and learn me.
and it would be nice if you have a good tutorial-link. :slight_smile:

with nice regards

no idea? :frowning:

so, if noone has an idea. i want to ask what your first projects in blender are.

i hope there are nice projects within.

with nice regards

I first did a Stargate. Well, actually I first made an odd form of a cube, but that wasn’t moddeling anything. My first attempt to model anything in piticular was the Stargate I made… Let me find the link…

oh yes this would be very nice :slight_smile:

I’m still not done, but my Blending computer is down as I explained on the last post just a few seconds ago.