Problems with rigify geo bones rotations

Hello there,
I am using the rigify rig quite a bit and I want to use the geometry bones to drive a pose. Unfortunateley it seems as if the geometry bones do not show any changes of rotation during animation at all. I am looking at it with global axis or local axis active while I animate, but with no result.
I am not sure if I am looking at all the right places. I am looking in the transform properties and the properties of the individual bones but as said, there seems to be no change. Which is too bad, since therefore I do not know how to drive the pose.
Any idieas what I am missing here?

We are simply left guessing without seeing a blend file. Are you using the actual rig or the meta rig? Are you adding keyframes, or are you just making a pose?

I am very familiar with the Rigify rig. I honestly do not know what your question is or how to help you.

What are geometry bones? Are you referring to the deformation bones? All transforms are locked for all deformation bones (All bones with the prefix DEF) and all mechanism bones (all bones with the MCH prefix) This is intentional so animators do not break the rig. These bones are not ment to be manipulated directly by the animator.

What do you mean by driving a pose? Are you asking how to use the deformation bones transforms in a driver?

Sorry, but I am at a loss. I don’t understand your question. If you can explain what you are trying to do, I may be able to help.

Hi there,
ok, it seems as if I messed up a bit explanining what the problem is about. Firstly: Its the rigify Rig i am working with, not the Metarig. Then: Yes Dan, I am talking about the Deformation bones, Geometry bones is sort ofd my personal syntax which made it into the post, my bad.
Let me try again to explain what I want to do and what my problem is: Basicly I want to run Shape keys as corrective shape keys with the rigify rig and I wanted drive these Shape Keys with Andreas Esaus “Driver Constraint AddOn”. I wanted to read ot the rotion of a bone (for example the lower arm bone near the ellbow) and check by the rotational value of this, how far the arm is bent. Accordingly I wanted to have the shape key activated: Is the arm straight, no activation of shape key at all, is it bent 45° then shape key activates for 50%, 90° activates the shape key for 100%.
To go ahead with that I would need to identify bones within the final rigify rig (not the meta rig), which give me rotational values to let the “Driver Constraint AddOn” its job, in other words, bones where I can read out rotational values in a local coordinate system.
I hope that the explanation of my issue is now more clear. Right now allready sorry for the akwardness of my writing, englisch is not my first lanuague …
Best regards,

Use transform space in your driver. Local and world are “constrained” meaning that it shows the space of the bone in the position it was when the constraint was applied. I think you are trying to use local space. Local space doesn’t move on a constrained bone because the transformation space is controlled by the constraint if that makes sense. Go to graph editor and change your driver space to transform space. Your readout will be from the bone that controls the constraint, not the constrained bone. Alternatively, put the driver on the control bone.

sorry for the delay, but I am also working a 9 to 5 job which soemtimes gets out of hand. The Tip of “stilltrying” pointed me in the right direction and now the driver get some data to do some calculation on. Since it is based on a human model and I am currently trying to get knees, elbows and shoulders corrected with a corective shape key, i am using “rotational difference” which gives quite nice values, where I could have my driver based on. Can anybody tell me how I tell Blender that on a value of 0.263 radians the shape key shall have 0 and on a value ov 1.57 it shall reach 100%.